Wood Shop Equipment

The Work Shop has some great – really great – wood working equipment for our members.  Check out the images above, and the list below.

Industrial CNC Pro Series Router.  This is an awesome CNC router with a 60″x110″ table size, a +/-0.002″ position accuracy.  Utilizing a high frequency water cooled 5HP spindle.

Saw Stop Professional Cabinet Table Saw.  This is a 3HP machine with a 52″ rip capacity.  In addition, we’ve included a large outfeed table and an Exator sliding table for precision panel cuts.

ShopFox Panel Sander.  The W1773 is a 15HP dual drum surface/panel sander with a full 37″ width capacity.

ShopFox Edge Sander.  The W1688 is a 1-1/2 HP 6″ x 80″ edge sander.

ShopFox Spindle Sander.  The W1686 is a 1HP oscillating spindle sander with an extra large cast iron table.

ShopFox Disk Belt Combination Sander.  The W1712 is a 1-1/2HP 6″ belt and 12″ disk combo sander.

ShopFox Shaper.  The W1763 is a 2-1/2HP heavy duty shaper with precisionn spindle elevation gauge, ratcheting fence locks and independent left and right micro-adjustments and an extra large cast iron table.

ShopFox Shaper.  The W1701 is a rock solid router table which takes 1/4″ and 1/2″ bits.  It has a split adjustment fence for edge jointing and full edge profiling.

ShopFox Planer.  The W1754S is a 5HP, 20″ spiral cutterhead planer.  It features a 55″ long cast iron table, two feed speeds and a full 20″ x 8″ capacity.

Delta Jointer.  The Delta DJ-20 is widely accepted as one of the premium woodworking tools around.  This jointer is an 8″ long bed jointer.

Band Saw.  We have THREE bandsaws.  Two 18″ S45 MiniMax saws and a Delta 20″.  We’ve set each up with different blades for various cutting operations.