COVID-19 Update 7/18/2020

We are doing our best to keep our customers, our employees, our family and our community safe. As such, we are following the guidelines provided by the CDC and the State of Michigan. Please, if you are asked to wear a mask or cover your face, we are not the enemy!

Work Shop Members and Tool Shop Customers

The Work Shop.  All our members have been GREAT.  Thank you so much!  We’ve turned back on the reservation system so make sure you reserve the cnc machines when you need them. MASKS ARE STILL AN ABSOLUTE MUST. PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE OF THOSE AROUND YOU!

The Tool Shop.  We are open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Mondays. CLOSED on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. MASKS ARE REQUIRED – NO EXCEPTIONS, NO EXCUSES. PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHERS! We are open for both sales as well as new consignments.

We greatly appreciate your continued support and loyalty during this time.  Stay safe, stay healthy, and wear your masks!!!!!  We’ll see you soon!

Take Care,

Bob, Bev and Jason Lipmyer